Logo of the high fashion brand GAILLARD VIVANT
GAILLARD VIVANT – Neo-Classics WoMen Berlin engages in a playful discussion of classical manstyle. The neoclassical brand focuses on an innovative, casual interpretation of the classical tailcoat to re-establish it as a genderfluid must-have. GAILLARD VIVANT stands for a distinguished level of quality, both in fashion design and tailoring – Made in Germany

DENIM GARMENTS is a special edition of denim clothes focused on reinterpreting classical men outerwear like jackets, frock coats and tailcoats.
GAILLARD VIVANT innovates the classical tailcoat into a totally new and unique gender fluid all day style. This so called Frazer turns out to be an apart and comfortable casual must-have from Campus to Club. All denim garments are carefully tailor-made in Berlin, Germany.reveal the unconventional revival of the tailcoat and its emancipation as a sophisticated casual garment for men, women and kids. This so called FRAZER is made from high quality denim and is produced in a fair and sustainable way.    

GROOM PROJECT by GAILLARD VIVANT a special edition around tailcoat and frock coat for the bridegroom. 

 Portrait der Designerin Antje Burckhardt 


Antje  Burckhardt Designer behind GAILLARD VIVANT is educated as a master tailor gratuated
in Costume Design at University of Fine Arts Dresden.  After her work experiences at several contemporary theatres, opera
houses, film and dance productions she founded GAILLARD VIVANT the neoclassical menswear brand with the idea to reestablish historical men garments like the tailcoat and frock coat for everyday use. With the FRAZER as a stylish contemporary reinterpretation of the classical tailcoat for women and men and its exclusive unusual silhouette Antje Burckhardt established a new playground for fashion.