GAILLARD VIVANT - Men's Garments Berlin is a new Berlin based menswear brand mainly for neoclassical styles.
Frog coats and tailcoats, in different shapes, revived in  a new sophisticated street look are the key pieces of GAILLARD VIVANT. Conscious to their tight cutting, these Cutaway jackets are featured with high collars, hoodies and large folded pockets by conveying a very modern and laidback atmosphere. Nonchalantly and effortlessly worn and combined with various waistcoats, low crotch or jodhpur-like pants, the frog coats and tailcoats by GAILLARD VIVANT offer a new street-conscious menwear style.

GAILLARD VIVANT is a menswear brand, which is mainly based on bespoke tailoring.
All clothes are made in Berlin.


Born in Dresden, Germany Antje Burckhardt studied costume design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden and graduated in 2005. She worked for several theater- and opera productions, until she etablished her own brand for neoclassical menswear GAILLARD VIVANT - Men's Garments Berlin in 2014.